Our family is committed to helping your family achieve new milestones in luxury and lifestyle.


A family owned business for your family.


As a family-owned and operated business for over 40 years, Milestone Distributors has grown to be a comprehensive brand-building, logistics, and distribution business partner to many luxury appliance and plumbing product brands.

 We believe in what matters to you…commitment, quality, service.


Milestone Distributors’ mission is to be the premier sales, marketing, service and distribution solution to premium and luxury product vendors in the kitchen and bath industries. Milestone is committed to achieving this by developing regional and strategic sales channels based on excellent service, strong profitable relationships, and a product and service offering that allows for significant market share within their customer base.

Together we can fix anything.


There are no problems – only projects – and we can put our heads together to create beautiful outcomes with you.


We believe in helping you achieve your ideal lifestyle.


You know best what works for you and yours, and we’ll partner with you to make that lifestyle a reality.


Your vision is our solution.


We’re good listeners with big imaginations and the talented people to make ideas come to life.